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18th Magdeburg Logistics Days


Logistics must respond to future challenges such as raw material depletion and climate change with efficient and sustainable approaches that assure supply. New concepts and technologies, from the proper infrastructure to battery technologies and even effectively integrated information and communications systems will be essential for personal mobility. Moreover, holistic approaches will have to be developed for cities and metropolitan areas, which assure energy efficient transportation and supply.
Smart logistics, which facilitate smart and near real-time approaches to controlling logistics processes by employing telematics technologies for logistics and transportation, are integral to these issues.

The annual Magdeburg logistics days will present research findings and experiences in the field with the use of new methods and systems for reliable and sustainable logistics. Workshops that follow will concentrate on best practices. The 6th International Logistics Doctoral Student Workshop is devoted to up-and-coming academics. Young scholars will be presenting their work to peers and discovering new approaches to their dissertation topics through discussions.

We invite you to help us make the Magdeburg Logistics Days from June 19-20, 2013 the highlight of next year.

Take part in the conference as an industry or research expert presenting a paper. For further information concerning the submission please click here.                                                 

(Photo: Dirk Mahler)


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